Real Estate Greece


Real Estate Greece. We develop a relationship of trust with each client and enter into agreements always fulfilling your obligations on time!


Our Real Estate investing agency has been based in Chalkoutsi, Oropos, Attica since 1990 and always prioritizes your needs. Today, the company declares the present and actively participates in the chamber of commerce, while maintaining a steady upward trend. The goal of our office is to serve our customers through the correct information with the reliability and seriousness that distinguishes us. Years of experience in our sales enable us to know our customers’ needs and meet 100% of your expectations! We serve beyond the wider area of Oropos, the rest of Attica and the rest of Greece.

Available land for all crops from 10 to 5,000 acres, irrigated. We always prioritize your own needs and expectations! Real Estate Greece.

.Real Estate Greece



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